Reason to Not Blow Each Other Up #1

Not that I blog much, but I am going to start a daily feature. It is entitled, "Reasons to Not Blow Each Other Up." I will be posting awesome, uplifting items that should happen more often. If we weren't busy killing each other in the name of who worships which god more devoutly on the one tiny planet we are afforded amongst hundreds of billions of other planets, good things would happen more often and we'd get more good things done.

So here is Reason #1: Eddie Vedder performs at his former high school for a student fundraiser.

There is no Back to the Future Day

DISCLAIMER: I love BTTF2 (and it's a really fun story), but it could never have happened as it skips over a very important plot hole in order to propel the story.

I myself ignore this when I watch it, because I really like this film. How. Ever.

You see, Marty and Jennifer leave the timeline. Gone. They vanish in 1985 and reappear in 2015, therefore they were not present in those 30 years to get married and have children as Doc witnessed when he went forward in time alone. Time is a linear experience for the time traveler(s). Doc comes back, grabs Marty and Jennifer, and then alters the timeline, changing the future. The future is what you (ESPECIALLY the person possessing a time machine) make it. Just like Doc's dog Einstein vanishes from reality for the 60 seconds between 1:20 and 1:21 a.m. in the time machine test at Twin Pines Mall. There would be no offspring. No robbery. No chicken threat, no you're-fired-fax.

Marty and Jennifer would have been confronted with the reality that everyone they know and love would have been looking for them for 30 years and would likely have presumed them to be dead. I imagine a lot of their loved ones thought Marty kidnapped Jennifer in a murder-suicide after not passing the audition for the school dance.

So there is a Back to the Future Day, but it would have been very, very boring.

Happy Back to the Future Day, everybody!

Criminal Minds Season 9 Set Photos

Here is a small selection of set images from Criminal Minds Season 9. It's pretty representative sample of what I do on the show in terms of signage and props. Bear in mind that nearly every sign or piece of paper or photograph or mural or wallpaper that you can see in these photos was either generated or manipulated and conditioned/retouched by me with very few exceptions. Enjoy!

There are NO SUCH THINGS as Spoilers.

I was wrong. It's been settled. Guys, I just got off the phone with George R. R. Martin... You know, the author of Game of Thrones? He said basically if he could do it all over again, he would have just screened the show to five people and have them reveal his story in their social media feeds. He even went on to say that even with the "big budget for the production and months and years of hard work, blah blah blah" you'd think that he and the producers "would want the viewers... NO... the public at large" (yeah, he corrected himself and removed the word viewers) to discover the twists and turns as the show itself unfolds, with beautiful sets and costumes and visual effects and incredible performances by a very talented cast, but Martin said, "No, I am a firm believer in social media as the vehicle for revealing the cinematic culmination of what will probably be the thing I am most remembered for, and you should just ruin it for people and post it... Pictures, quotes, whatever even if you're on the East Coast and the West Coast hasn't had a chance to see it yet. Don't even bother asking your colleagues at your stupid office job whether they had seen it yet, remember how we all used to do that? We would check to see before ruining it? What naive little shits we all were back then. Don't even bother with a spoiler warning even. The are NO SUCH THINGS as spoilers. Put that last bit in caps, or bold or something, if you blog about it, okay? There's mostly just assholes, like you and me and probably your friends, I'm guessing. They deserve nothing. But I digress. Just put a screen shot on Instagram or three, and OH! Be sure to tag it so you can lengthen your social media reach. It's really everyone else's responsibility to avoid YOU... You don't owe it to your friends or acquaintances or anyone really to make sure they are afforded the same level of enjoyment as you just had. I guess I am just bitter that not EVERYONE read the novels, so I thought an expensive TV show would be a way to bring them in and get them to buy more books, but it wasn't enough. Now go see where your parents have hidden all of your presents, and get back to eating chocolate chip cookies and nutella for breakfast again. It's all for you. Yes, you. No regrets, okay?! Great talking to you. If you've learned anything about Game of Thrones, don't get too attached to anyone you like. It's high time you learn to do that in your real life too, so post those spoilers! Take care!"

Honestly, I wasn't expecting him to be so blunt. And I have read the damn book already. But I hadn't SEEN it. Until of course I SAW it on Instagram.

Adam Scott!

I ran into Adam Scott at Whole Foods on Monday. I shook his hand, quietly introduced myself, and told him that I was the one that made the kooky action movie posters for his guest role on CSI:Miami. He laughed, and said something like, "Oh MAN." He was nice, to say the least. So without further ado, I am adding "Miami Shield" to the gallery.


Welcome TeeFury folks! So glad you could make it to my pathetically under-updated website! I promise to do better, I promise, and thank you for visiting! My tee is going to help benefit Best Friends Animal Society! A cause my wife and I are VERY involved in. I am so excited and honored. We have four rescue dogs and two rescue cats. I promised I wouldn’t cry! UNNGH! Thank you again!